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Welcome To The Smooth Side Of Life…

18.11.2011 | Christian

… welcome to SMOOTH JAZZ FESTIVAL AUGSBURG in the Park Theater at Kurhaus Göggingen in Augsburg. Music lovers awaits an unexpexted sound experience, which does not have much in common with »classical Jazz« or »elevator music«, celebrated by some of the biggest names in international Contemporary and Smooth Jazz scene.

In the side wings of the historic Kurhaus the catering crew will be offering drings, lounge-food and international tapas, there are also more seating areas available. The patio will be opened to enjoy the mild late summer nights under the starry sky.

Visitors from all over Europe meet here in a sophisticated club atmosphere to an impressive, unstressed weekend with intense, passionate live performances and hilarious aftershow parties in the the beautiful ambiance of the Kurhaus. Space to dance and firsthand contact with the musicians included.

I look forward to a great time


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