Saxophone | Friday, September 14, 2012 at 10:30 pm

Every now and then an artist bursts onto the scene, changing the rules and challenging the status quo. Eric Darius is one of those artists fearlessly pushing all musical boundaries. He’s one of the most exciting musicians to enter the contemporary jazz scene in the last decade. His explosive arrival as a recording artist at the age of 17 caused a frenzy. Not surprising as the ambitious musician eventually shared the stage with big names such as Prince, Wynton Marsalis, George Benson and Brian McKnight. Fast-forward to a 1 Billboard Contemporary Jazz hit and several more top ten’s, and the votes are in – Eric Darius continues to be a force that is unequaled in today’s new musical landscape.

The Tampa, Florida-based urban instrumentalist, producer and composer further solidifies his place as one of contemporary music’s brightest stars with his latest album “On a Mission” (2010). Eric Darius’ Haitian/Jamaican roots run deep, bringing his passion and resolve into clear focus… he’s on a mission. Highlights include his profoundly personal and emotion-filled “My Prayer for Haiti” and inspiring tracks like the sun-drenched reggae number “Back to My Roots” and the electrifying dance mix, “Let’s Go”. The new project features Darius’ stunning chops with an introspective take on Herbie Hancock’s classic “Butterfly”, joined by trumpet veteran, Rick Braun. “On a Mission” is without a doubt his finest effort yet.

Contemporary jazz is the genre that has fueled my early success, but I’m ON A MISSION to celebrate every style of music from Jazz, R&B, Pop and Reggae to Hip-Hop, Rock and Gospel. “I want my music to be a vehicle for change, transcending all boundaries regardless of age or race. I believe my music can make a difference in the world,” says Darius with his warm, trademark smile.

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