Born in Norfolk, Joyner played drums in the church choir before he took up the saxophone in high school. Since then much has happened. “Babysoul”, Joyner’s first album, debuted at #15 on the Billboard chart in 2007. Three more albums followed and both with his own band as well as with big names like Keiko Matsui, Jackiem toured the world extensively. Still being a young turk on the contemporary jazz scene, he is far from complacent and staid in his sound and style. Not afraid to challenge the fan base that took him to No. 1 twice and Top 3 two more times on the Billboard chart, Joyner gets adventurous on his fifth album, “Evolve,” which will be released April 29th. It’s his first on which he wrote and produced the entire set. Juxtaposing invigorating otherworldly sonicscapes under tender sax melodies, “Evolve” is a dynamic, highly-rhythmic session that is unpredictable laced with traces of the familiar. In addition to playing alto and soprano sax on the record, Joyner is a multi-instrumentalist who played many of the instruments heard on the collection along with a couple of high-profile assists from Grammy-nominated sax player Gerald Albright, Keiko Matsui and many more.


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